The Shortmail iPhone App


Back in July, I trumpeted my hatred of email in a very loud (and perhaps obnoxious) way. Naturally, I followed that up by switching careers from one that relies heavily on email to one that relies extremely heavily on email. Joy. 

But hope remains.

One of my favorite finds during my time away from email was Shortmail. It’s email, but short — get it? The problem with it was that it’s not a standard, and the service itself didn’t have a good way of notifying you of new messages without using — wait for it — email.  

But that changed today. 

Now live in the App Store is Shortmail’s iOS app. I’ve been testing it for a couple of weeks and it’s great. It’s not robust enough for people to change their habits just yet, but it’s a start. So download it, use it, and quit email. You fucking hate it, you know you do.

I’m not an investor, I’m not an advisor, I’m just a fan of the idea. And I approve this (not nearly short enough) message.

TechCrunch has a bit more.

And this is why I predominately tweet.

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    This is great! Short and to the point messages. Because who has time to read emails these days?
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    And this is why I predominately tweet.
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